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Academy Professional Artist Training

About Academy Professional Artist Training

The APAT track, or Academy Stars, is the path for the most dedicated students who want to push their training to a serious level with the goal of a career in the performing arts. There is no age restriction, but there is an audition requirement. Students enroll in the training package to best prepare for musical theatre university and conservatory programs, professional regional theatres, Broadway, and other performance careers.

Participation requires students to take Acting, Dance, Voice, the APAT class, and one Academy production each semester. The APAT production will be included in the Stars class time. Required classes must be taken at the Academy unless otherwise checked off by the APAT instructor group.

In addition to classes & lessons, the Academy Stars will perform at various events throughout the year as Academy and Lyric ambassadors. In Fall 2023 the Stars will perform at Plaza Fest and Lyric’s Broadway Bash. This is a two semester long commitment, Spanning Fall 2023 through Spring 2024. Stars class time will be the same in the Spring.

If your student aspires to attend university as an MT student or perform on Broadway, this is the program for them! Please note that while many performance opportunities will be available, the APAT track is a training program first, not a performance company. Participation in the APAT program does not guarantee casting in Academy or Lyric professional shows, but will prepare students to be their best.

There are several class and production requirements for this program. Auditions are 8/5 and require both a song and monologue.

Tuition for Academy Professional Artist Training includes one dance class*, one acting class, Stars class, optional performance college prep, all Academy workshops, and one production. If you accept casting in more than one production only one tuition is covered by APAT, your second production tuition will be paid separately. Private Voice Instruction is not included in APAT tuition.

Scholarships are available for APAT tuition. Work Study opportunities will be available for some Stars to offset tuition cost.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact Rozz at [email protected] or 405 524-9310 x100

Academy Professional Artist Training Enrollment Information

If accepted, full APAT program enrollment and attendance is required. See the course listings for class descriptions and times. Some placements will be based on your fall audition and dance call.

Beginning in the Fall of 2023, APAT will be a school-year-long commitment. The Fall 23 APAT package includes:

  • Academy Stars class*
  • One Dance class**: MT Dance 1, MT Dance 2, Tap 1, Tap 2, or Specialty Dance
  • One Acting class*: Acting 1, Acting 2, or Acting 3; students will be placed
  • One Production*: 101 Dalmatians, The Secret Garden, or Kaleidoscope
  • Performance College Prep: Recommended for HS Juniors and Seniors
  • All Academy workshops

Voice lessons are required but are not included in the package price. Lessons do qualify for scholarship application only for APAT students.

*Required for program participation
**If your student takes multiple dance classes at a reputable studio, they can comp out for the APAT dance requirement. Package price will not be prorated but students may take another class in place of dance.